A.There is no other promotion in the bar business that can bring in 50 - 150 women before it gets dark outside! Men account for 90% of all bar revenue and want to go where ALL the women are…all the women in town will be at your club watching the International Male Revue Show! If promoted properly…you will have a LINE of men waiting to get in after the show! Our Male Revue Shows are known to bring new faces into your club that have never been there before! The average girl will spend $20 at the bar during our show! Our Male Revue Shows are the ONLY entertainment in the bar business that will pay for themselves through the door! Our Male Revue Shows have a price structure to fit any size club! Your browser may not support display of this image.

Q. Do you get erections when you dance?

A. Generally no, most of the time your mind is on your performance. But every once in a while a look from the right girl has a propensity to give you a chubby.

Q. Are any of you gay?

A. No. Nobody in our group is, although we believe that everyone has a right to their own sexual preference.

Q. Are men allowed to attend the shows?

A. It is illegal and discriminatory to preclude entry to anyone based on their sex however; we prefer that the ladies be given their own place to let their hair down and sometimes that is undermined by the presence of a man who is not there to entertain them.

Q. How do you stay in shape?

A. Each of the guys have a different approach… but weights are common to us all. Eating healthy and keeping an active, healthy lifestyle is also a common goal. Perhaps this question could best be addressed to the man with the body you admire most.

Q. What do you eat?

A. Once again, everyone is different. It is my philosophy that you should only eat what you burn, otherwise your body will store it as fat. Everything turns to fat if not assimilated, even if you eat nothing but tuna. If you don't train your muscles, the protein will be stored, probably around your mid-section.

Q. Do any of you date your patrons?

A. What people do behind closed doors is none of our business. But you should hear some of the stories that go on in the dressing room. Boys will be boys.

Q. Do any of you use drugs?

A. No. It is frowned upon and not tolerated. If anyone of us needs drugs to enhance his performance, he's in the wrong show. This is a group that relies on cohesiveness, and teamwork. Drugs are counter-productive to that goal.

Q. What are the qualifications to become one of The International Males?

A. Great looks, a great body, stage presence, charisma, talent, and a little experience helps. This is highly sought after job and the competition is stiff (no pun intended), and no one in the group wants to leave and lose their spot.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Call the res/info hotline and talk to Dan. He'll give you information on how to submit photos and a resume.

Q. Are women allowed to stuff dollar bills in your G-Strings?

A. Only on the side (paper cuts are a bitch and money is dirty). Plus… some ladies like to pretend they are in Vegas, put in a five, pull down on the handle, and expect change to fall out.

Q. Do you feel cheap, kissing for dollars?

A. No, I don't kiss for dollars. The way I think is that I'm being tipped for my performance on stage. I'm just showing gratitude for that action with my affection, nothing more.

Q. How old are the women who attend your shows?

A. All ages, there is a pre-conception that you have to be a horny young broad to go and see a male strip show. Our production caters to a demographic of ladies who just want to have a good time, be treated like a lady, and see a stage full of talented, incredible looking men.